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Ecological Approach

Company Profile

We learn from ecological systems to cultivate our philosophy and perspective and explore for the realization of optimal global environments.

We are the group of professionals who provide consultative services to satisfy various needs of our clients around the world. As in an orchestra which plays a beautiful symphony, each staff member with professional senses and knowledge in his/her own specialty is an talented and experienced soloist who forms a quartette when playing a chamber music or a large team when playing an opera according to the scale of individual projects.

Personality and originality of each staff blend into collective creativity, which will ensure successful results and the joy of achievement both for our clients and us. Our vision leads to the realization of balanced environment and sustainability of the earth.



The threehold professional spheres of Computer science, Design and Ecology are interlinked to navigate new directions of development in harmony with nature.

We boast of professional skills which are represented in three major areas: computer science, design, and ecology. PREC Institute is the think-tank which builds upon the three professional pillars and pioneers into new fields.

Experts in CAD and CG, landscape architects, architects, planners, graphic designers, civil engineers and scientists in zoology, botany, geology and hydrology together with cultural science experts including economy and psychology join efforts to tackle environmental issues.

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