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Ecological Approach

Company Profile

Company Profile

Company Name:

PREC Institute Inc.

Head Office:

3-7-6 Kojimachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo,
102-0083 Japan
Phone :+81-3-5226-1101
Fax :+81-3-5226-1112


December 18, 1972


385,500,000 yen (approx.$3,267,000)


Honorory Chair
Shintaro Sugio
Chair Kunie Sugio
President Daichi Sugio
Managing Director Yoichi Maezawa
Teruo Maeda
Director Kei Hanafusa
Ginko Tsujisaka
Executive Officer Takako Matsui
Tethuya Mukai
Hisashi Sasakura
Yoshihiro Ishigaki
Ryousuke Miyamoto
Sadao Yoshida


  • Consultant office registered with the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport
  • Registered survey office
  • First degree architect office


  • Consultants of Landscape Architecture in Japan
  • Parks and Open Space Association of Japan
  • Japan Civil Engineering Consultants Association
  • Planning Consultants Association of Japan
  • Japan Zoo Aquarium Association
  • Japan Association of Environment Assessment
  • Natural Environment Coexistence Technology Association
  • Japan Landscape Associations
  • Japan Society of Landscape Associations
  • Japan Wind Power Association


Ministry of the Environment, Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, Urban Renaissance Agency, other corporations and government agencies
Municipal and prefectural agencies
Leading private companies (electric power companies, traffic companies, tourism corporations, etc.)

Professional Service Areas:

  • Landscape Planning and Designing
  • Architectural Planning and Designing
  • Environmental Impact Assessment and Environmental Survey
  • Systems Development
  • Environmental Planning and Designing
  • Policy Consultation and Administrative Planning


  • Tokyo Head Office
  • 3-7-6 Kojimachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo,
    102-0083 Japan
    Phone :+81-3-5226-1101
    Fax :+81-3-5226-1112
  • Tohoku Branch Office
  • Sanriku-Restoration Branch Office
  • Yokohama Branch Office
  • Chubu Branch Office
  • Nara Branch Office
  • Osaka Branch Office
  • Kyushu Branch Office
  • Okinawa Branch Office

Strategy Center:

  • Ecological Research Center
  • World Heritage Research Center
  • Open Space & Landscape Research Center
  • Environmental Assessment Research Center
  • Zoological & Botanical Garden Design & Research Center

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