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Ecological Approach

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Ecological Approach

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Environmental Survey and Environmental Impact Assessment

Conservation of the natural environment is a common issue for everybody who lives in our times. The history of PREC Institute is that of efforts and contribution to sound development and environmental conservation as a coordinator specialized in environmental issues.

Assessment of impacts upon the natural environment and visual landscapes has been the major stage of our professional services which have been provided at various levels from development of practical methods to drafting of administrative procedures. Having been working as a pioneer since the very early stage, we are proud of our highly reputed skills and experiences of environmental consultation.

The professional knowledge and skills of our staff researchers are the precious resources supporting professional services of PREC Institute. They have been accumulated by those working in environmental researches, flora/fauna surveys together with planners and designers working for conservation, management and utilization of the environment.


surveys and related planning for rare species. environmental indicators. ecological engineering. solution to air pollution, etc. environmental impact assessments. strategic environmental assessments. natural environment restoration. database for natural environment surveys.

Systems Development

PREC Institute places a high priority to the application of latest computer sciences/technology and has been active in application and development of these technologies such as analytic software and database. Building upon reliable and practical technologies that have survived our professional uses over time, we are exploring new frontiers by inventing new methods and tools for environmental analysis including, for example, Internet-based systems for environmental data processing. We find solutions to different needs of our clients quickly and appropriately.


geological information system (GIS). computer graphics (CG). environmental information database (DB). satellite image processing and analysis. computer simulations. production of environmental education materials (in CD-ROM / DVD). CG reproduction of cultural properties.

Environmentally Sustainable Design and Planning

Correct understanding of nature, co-existence with nature, and creation of a comfortable environment with a full expression of nature's potential are what we pursue in our planning process.

The abundant professional experience of PREC Institute in this field includes master plans for city development, planning and designing of parks and open spaces of various scales, planning of biotopes/natural ecosystems in urban areas, and designing of architectural structures that sustain coexistence with the natural environment.

In addition, we are moving into new stages for our professional services in various areas of built and natural environments: greening of roads, disaster prevention, and preservation and utilization of historical resources such as cultural properties, historic sites and natural monuments.


planning for nature conservation and utilization. biotope planning and designing. ecological display at zoological gardens and botanic gardens. architectural design. restoration and utilization of cultural properties. planning and designing of riverbank facilities, coastal facilities and disaster prevention facilities.

Policy Making and Administrative Planning

On the basis of spirit for environmental conservation and due respect for sustainable human activities, we provide professional consultation at any stage in the process from policy designing to specific project implementation, which is tailored to satisfy the needs of administrative bodies and other related organizations. We employ latest techniques and methods and promote participation of citizens in decision-making processes through workshops, collaboration with experts in various fields and computer-aided analysis. Our professional consultation is to support the production of an ecological and comfortable living environment.


Basic Environment Plans. plans for new energy introduction and energy-saving in communities. plans for resource conservation and recycling. policies and measures for climate change and other global environmental issues. technical guidelines and handbooks. plans for cultural properties utilization for community economy enhancement. participatory planning process

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